CSD/CSDX: Energy savings with IE4 motors

Outstanding performance and reliability with exceptional efficiency and minimal space requirement: these are just some of the advantages that Kaeser Kompressoren’s new CSD and CSDX fluid-cooled rotary screw compressors have to offer. Now equipped with IE4 motors, these future-fit machines are more efficient than ever before.

Kaeser’s design for this latest generation of compressors far exceeds current norms, including the use of high efficiency IE4 motors as standard. This not only ensures that compressed air stations will meet future legal efficiency requirements, but also brings an additional energy cost saving of approximately one percent. CSD and CSDX systems therefore provide four-way energy savings: First, the airends feature newly-refined Sigma Profile rotors. Together with additional optimisation measures, such as reduced internal pressure losses, the new machines therefore boast between three and six percent better specific power performance compared with previous models. Second, the use of “Super Premium Efficiency” IE4 motors ensures maximum drive motor efficiency. Third, Kaeser’s 1:1 direct drive system eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear or belt drive solutions. Fourth, with five pre-programmed control modes, the Sigma Control 2 industrial PC-based internal controller dynamically adjusts flow rate to match actual compressed air demand thereby assuring further energy savings.

With available motor powers from 45 to 90 kW, the five models of the two series cover flow rates from 8.3 to 16.1 m³/min (at 8.5 bar) and are designed for pressures up to 15 bar.

The Sigma Control 2 also offers further advantages including variable interfaces and – for the first time – plug-in communications modules. These features provide greater flexibility when connecting to computer networks and master compressed air management systems, such as the Sigma Air Manager 4.0, as well as to remote diagnostics and monitoring systems such as Sigma Smart Air. A large, easy-to-read display enables user-friendly on-site communication with the machine, whilst the SD card slot makes machine memory access and software updates via SD memory cards quick and simple. Moreover, an RFID reader enables standardisation of servicing, boosts service quality and assures optimum security. The Sigma Control 2 also provides comprehensive monitoring of the compressor, as well as of any connected refrigeration dryers or frequency converters, for example.

The high-performance cooling system in these new machines allows exceptionally low compressed air discharge temperatures. Over 95 percent of the condensate is removed from the compressed air stream after passing through the condensate separator, which features an automatically monitored condensate drain. The coolers are placed at the rear of the unit, together with a generously-sized cooling air intake opening. As a result, this clever system and its thermal load relief effect significantly increase the efficiency and dependability of downstream compressed air treatment components.

Moreover, the environmentally-friendly system concept extends to the fluid filter element, which is free from metal and is suitable for thermal disposal without the need for any additional treatment.

In addition to the standard models, versions with an integrated refrigeration dryer module are also available that provide compressed air generation and drying within a single compact unit. With considerably reduced energy requirement and using nearly 50 percent less refrigerant than previous models, the refrigeration dryer is dimensioned for high ambient temperatures and operates with minimal pressure loss. The dryer is housed in a separate enclosure and is therefore not affected by heat from the compressor.

The CSD and CSDX are also available with variable-speed control and, as with the standard machines, these models too are optimised for maximum efficiency, dependability and ease of maintenance.

Featuring high efficiency IE4 motors, the CSD and CSDX rotary screw compressor ranges cover compressed air flow rates from 8.3 to 16.1 m³/min. These powerful compressors masterfully combine impressive reliability and efficiency with minimal space and maintenance requirement.

Source from : www.kaeser.com.my/Current_Affairs/Press/press-A-CSD-CSDX.asp

BSD series – Uncompromising efficiency

At the heart of every BSD system lies a premium quality airend featuring Kaeser’s SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Operating at low speed, Kaeser’s airends are equipped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency.

The SIGMA CONTROL 2 ensures efficient control and system monitoring. The large display and RFID reader ensure simple communication and maximum security. Multiple interfaces provide exceptional flexibility. The SD card slot makes updates quick and a easy.

The future, today: IE4 motors
KAESER is currently the only compressed air systems provider to equip its compressors with premium efficiency IE4 motors as standard, thereby ensuring maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Electronic Thermo Management
The innovative Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system dynamically controls fluid temperature to provide reliable prevention of condensate accumulation. This enhances energy efficiency, for example, by enabling heat recovery to be precisely tailored to meet customers’ exact needs.

Dependable centrifugal separator
A KAESER axial centrifugal separator fitted with an electronic ECO DRAIN condensate drain installed upstream from of the refrigeration dryer ensures that condensate is reliably pre-separated and drained, even when ambient temperatures and humidity are high.

Source from : www.kaeser.com.my/Current_Affairs/productnews/BSD.asp

ASK series – Quality is in the details

More air for your money
ASK rotary screw compressors are true class leaders when it comes to impressive performance. This has been achieved through continued airend development, further optimisation of the SIGMA PROFILE rotors and low speed operation. Compared with previous models, these enhancements have enabled free air delivery to be increased by as much as 16 %.

Up to 12 % improved specific power through optimised SIGMA PROFILE rotor design.
At the heart of every ASK system lies a premium quality airend featuring KAESER‘s SIGMA PROFILE rotors. Operating at low speed, KAESER’s airends are equipped with flow-optimised rotors for superior efficiency.

Maximum efficiency: IE3 motors
Needless to say, all KAESER ASK series rotary screw compressors are equipped with premium efficiency IE3 efficiency class drive motors.

Energy-saving radial fan
Driven by an independent motor, the radial fan ensures low compressed air discharge temperatures and provides greater cooling performance with lower energy requirement. Needless to say, it also conforms to the efficiency requirements of EU directive 327/2011.

Exceptional compressed air quality
Because the compressor and dryer are thermally shielded from one another, the dryer remains unaffected by heat from the compressor, which means that it can operate at peak performance at all times to provide quality, dry compressed air.

Source from : www.kaeser.com/Current_Affairs/productnews/ASK.asp

KAESER FILTER compressed air filters

Pure compressed air with lowest costs
KAESER FILTER products are key components in delivering compressed air of all purity classes in accordance with ISO 8573-1 and perform their duties with minimal pressure differential. Moreover, their service-friendly design not only ensures simple, error-free opening and closing of the filter housing, but also allows quick and clean element changes. KAESER FILTER products are available in four filter grades. Nine housing sizes provide efficient filtration for flow rates from 0.60 to 14.20 m³/min.

Standard purity
The KAESER FILTER range uses modern deep-pleated filter media to remove particles and aerosols. A highly effective carbon fibre mat traps oil vapours. Together with innovative through-flow, it delivers exceptional filtration efficiency with minimal pressure loss. The impressive performance data of KAESER FILTER products have been determined in accordance with ISO 12500 and confirmed by the independent testing agency “Lloyd’s Register”.

Service-friendly design, safe handling
KAESER FILTER products feature a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing and a stable filter element. The practical bayonet lock ensures automatic positioning of the housing and element seals. Both seals are components of the filter element. This means that a filter housing can be sealed only if a filter element has been inserted. A stop screw prevents unintentional opening of the housing when under pressure and also provides housing venting.

Minimal pressure loss, maximum savings.
The efficiency of a compressed air filter depends most of all on pressure loss. KAESER FILTER products are characterised by generously dimensioned housings and filter surfaces, innovative through-flow and high performance filter media. These features result in up to 50 % less pressure loss in comparison to other typically available filters. In fact their filtration performance remains virtually constant throughout their entire service life. This reduces the burden on upstream compressors and therefore provides significant cost and CO2savings potential.

Source from : www.kaeser.com/Current_Affairs/productnews/Kaeser-Filter.asp

Boosters: Quieter, more compact and with frequency control

Kaeser boosters with drive powers ranging from 22 to 45 kW are now available in a completely new design: as compact and space-saving complete units optimised for low vibration and noise emissions. Future versions will also feature optionally available frequency control. Many additional enhancements, such as optimised cooling, further reduce overall system and energy costs.

Previously this size of booster was only available in conventional versions – without Sigma Frequency Control (SFC). The new drive function ensures superior harmonisation of the booster on the input side with the upstream compressor output. This in turn allows for reduction of the relatively high switching frequency characteristic of some booster applications. It’s precisely because applications do not always work with the same pressure that boosters must produce significantly greater pressure than is actually used in the application. The powerful SFC functionality helps adjust the free air delivery as consistently as possible to the needs of the system. This reduces switching differentials on both sides, as well as potentially resulting overpressure, leaks and machine load – all of which contribute to energy savings.

Plug & run
The dynamic appearance of the new, complete-unit design is not just cosmetic: it saves space (the footprint has been reduced to just 2.3 m² from 5 m²) and makes maintenance even more straightforward thanks to intelligent component layout. Despite their enhanced performance, the new boosters run noticeably quieter thanks to the enclosure with integrated aftercooling as well as the low-vibration basic structure. For added convenience, the boosters are ready for immediate electrical connection upon delivery, thereby greatly minimising installation time and costs.

Controller Monitoring
The integrated Sigma Control 2 controller is equipped with special booster software to ensure optimal system operation whilst also enabling convenient connection to master controller systems via Ethernet. Since all individual components can be perfectly coordinated with one another, the entire station can be optimised to provide maximum efficiency and performance. Integration is also possible within an Industry 4.0 environment.

With their new modern design, Kaeser’s latest generation of boosters are now more compact than ever before and feature frequency control.

Source from : www.kaeser.com/Current_Affairs/Press/press-B-Booster-DN.asp

SAM 2: Tomorrow’s technology, today

Industry 4.0, or the ‘Internet of Things,’ promises to be a far-reaching revolution in production. The new Sigma Air Manager 2 (SAM 2) makes it all possible: the ability to make predictions far in advance, know today what the future holds, network components and exploit much larger data volumes than ever before – whilst also ensuring significant energy cost savings and delivering a reliable, consistent and efficient compressed air supply.

The latest generation of the Sigma Air Manager (SAM 2) – the master control system for all of your compressed air production and treatment components – is now available. Amongst many other key benefits, the new system optimises pressure values, automatically adjusts compressor system air delivery to accommodate fluctuating air demand and optimises system efficiency through constant analysis of the relationship between control losses, switching losses and pressure flexibility. Moreover, the SAM 2 enables your compressed air station to take advantage of future services such as predictive maintenance. All of these features not only boost operational reliability and efficiency, but also significantly reduce energy costs.

Best possible pressure quality, tailored to specific needs.
This is largely made possible by Kaeser’s advanced 3-D Control, which takes into account other factors – aside from switching losses (start/stop) – that influence compressed air system energy efficiency. These include control losses (idling and frequency conversion) and pressure flexibility (average increase above required pressure). This innovative control strategy predictively calculates the optimum achievable configuration and adjusts the connected components accordingly – all based on the specific pressure required by the user.

When machines talk
The SAM 2 supports operation in 30 languages, while the easy-to-use 12-inch colour touchscreen shows at a glance whether the station is operating in the “green zone” from an energy management perspective. Operating status, pressure history, free air delivery, power consumption, as well as maintenance and any error messages can be easily displayed and analysed – both in real-time and retroactively. Using a PC and network connection, this data can be accessed conveniently from anywhere, not just at the machine itself. This not only provides users with peace of mind, but also lays the foundation for predictive maintenance and enables energy management in accordance with ISO 50001.

Sigma Network
The far-reaching benefits of the SAM 2 are expanded even further when users also take advantage of Kaeser’s Sigma Network. Based on Ethernet technology, the powerful Sigma Network is a closed and secure network that has been specially developed to support optimal monitoring and coordinated control of compressed air stations.

Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance
The SAM 2 offers additional powerful features. For example, maintenance and error messages can be immediately sent via email to a pre-set personal address and the remote diagnostics option allows for predictive maintenance and service based on actual use. Both of these elements increase compressed air availability and reliability and also help keep lifecycle costs to an absolute minimum.

SAM 2: Future-ready
The SAM 2 is ready-designed to accommodate potential future compressed air system expansion. A straightforward software upgrade allows for expansion with no need for additional investment in new hardware.

SAM 2: The Sigma Air Manager 2 (SAM 2) not only ensures highly efficient monitoring and control of all compressed air station components, but also enables them to take advantage of the future-oriented benefits that Industry 4.0 has to offer.

Source from : http://www.kaeser.com/Current_Affairs/Press/press-M-Sigma-Air-Manager-2.asp

Join the Kaeser Network

Fast, secure and future-ready! The powerful Ethernet-based Sigma Network developed by Kaeser provides optimised compressed air station monitoring and control. Moreover, it is able to take advantage of the future-oriented benefits that Industry 4.0 has to offer.

Industrial applications place special demands on communication – including machine to machine communication – and this is the basis of Industry 4.0. The technology must not only be durable and easily manageable onsite, but should also be globally compatible, fast and secure and be able to transfer large volumes of data with maximum integrity. In addition, it should ensure the real-time capabilities required by the process. Kaeser Sigma Network meets all of these needs and more.

Secure data
Based on secure Ethernet technology, the future-ready Sigma Network is a local network within the compressed air station that enables optimised integration of a station`s components. Unlike current field-bus solutions, such as Profibus, CAN or similar technologies that operate at relatively slow speeds (max. 12 Mbit/s), Sigma Network has a transfer speed of 100 Mbit/s. The widely accepted TCP/IP protocol standard – also recognised as the Lingua Franca of the Internet – forms the basis for data traffic in the Sigma Network.

The Network uses Kaeser-own MAC addresses and creates a closed and secure network segment in accordance with the recommendations for industrial control systems. A defined transfer node enables secure data exchange with external partners.

Basis for predictive maintenance
Sigma Network, working in perfect harmony with the Sigma Air Manager 2 master controller, forms an infrastructure that makes data available for future services, such as predictive maintenance, or energy management. This not only reduces costs, but also increases operational reliability and availability. If needed by the user, operational data from the compressed air station can be securely transferred to the Kaeser Data Centre via a broadband connection. This allows Kaeser experts to perform remote diagnostics and enables predictive and demand-oriented maintenance. Users therefore benefit from maximum supply dependability, as well as lowest possible life-cycle costs, since Kaeser’s compressed air specialists are able to adjust the energy characteristics of the compressed air station as required so that the station performs at maximum efficiency at all times.

Of course existing Kaeser Profibus networks can also be integrated into the Sigma Network.

Sigma Network: The powerful Kaeser Sigma Network provides optimal compressed air station monitoring and control and provides advanced Industry 4.0 operational capability.

Source from : http://www.kaeser.com/Current_Affairs/Press/press-M-Sigma-Network.asp