Because you expect your dental compressor to provide oil-free, dry and hygienic compressed air, especially in times of drastically increased air demand. This is one of the most important requirements for satisfied patients, dental laboratory partners and successful clinical work.

Dental compressors

FAD from 65 to 524 l/min
Pressures up to 8 bar
For up to 12 treatment units or
20 dental work stations

KAESER compressor block

The compressor block forms the heart of the unit and is manufactured at KAESER’s main production facility in Coburg, Germany. All KAESER “reciprocating” compressor products feature durable pistons, piston rings, conrods, bearings and crank flanges to ensure long service life and optimal performance

Compact PPS control unit

The “Permanent Power System” controls switching via a 4/2-way solenoid valve.

Dependable: SECCOMAT dental dryers

Dryer power is significantly increased if condensate droplets are pre-separated from the air before it reaches the dryer. By using warm air, the “Permanent Power System” is able to regenerate the desiccant faster and more reliably.

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