Developed by KAESER, the computer-aided ”Air Demand Analysis” (ADA) allows meaningful and accurate data to be gathered to aid compressed air system optimisation. Based on the resulting air consumption profiles, KAESER’s Energy Saving System (KESS) can then help determine the best system solution for the individual air application.

KESS – KAESER Energy Saving System

KESS processes the data acquired by ADA so that a state-ofthe-art compressed air system can be designed and individually tailored to meet the customer’s compressed air needs. An efficiency comparison between the various system options determines the most suitable system for each specific application.

Reducing energy costs
Given that energy costs to operate a compressed air system can total upwards of 70% of overall costs, reductions in power consumption can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies estimate the energy-saving potential of many air systems at up to 30 percent.
We offer the following services to help you evaluate, analyze and improve air system efficiency and performance.