KAESER filters ensure a dependable and cost-effective source of quality compressed air
Compressed air filters from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN are ideally suited for use with our compressors and compressed air drying systems.
This ensures dependable compressed air treatment and exceptional efficiency.

Compressed air filters

Series  FB – FFG
Flow rate:  0.58 to 248 m³/min
Standard pressure: max. 16 bar
Particle separation: up to 0,01 micron
Oil carry-over: below 0,001 mg/m3.

Filters for 48 or 62 bar

Series FB – FG (HP)
Flow rate:  1.75 to 14.2 m³/min
Standard pressure: 48 or 62 bar

Other Air Treatment Products

Air-main charging systems DHS

Connection up to DN 400

Air Receivers

Arrangements: vertical/horizontal
Volume: 300 to 20,000 litres,
other sizes on request.

Centrifugal Separator

Series ZK
Flow rate: 2.0 to 95.8 m³/min
Standard pressure: max. 16 bar

ECO DRAIN condensate drains

for compressor capacities
up to 1700 m³/min

Condensate Treatment

For compressor capacities up to 100 m³/min